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What separates us from those large and chain alternation shops is our unique style of one-on-one interaction with customers. Our years of experience have trained our staff to not only listen to your requests, but hear and satisfy your specific needs, meticulously executing your orders. We pride ourselves for being a family oriented business. The loyalty of our customers spans many years and even generations. From grandparents to children, every member of your family will be sure to find the services they need.

The founder of Fast Needle has a long history of sewing both as a teacher and a practicing seamstress/tailor. She received her education in Moscow, Russia where she worked for many years after. Along with the owner, all seamstresses have extensive European training.

It is no coincidence that our company is called Fast Needle. If you have a job interview tomorrow, unexpectedly leaving town, or need to be ready for a funeral, we are here to help you at all times.

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Yes, off the rack is an option.... BUT.... Do you REALLY look good in off the rack suit or dress? It is slightly loose here, slightly long there, the darts are not quite right... Litany of the problem sometimes goes on and on. Here is THE RIGHT WAY to go about it: COME TO FAST NEEDLE-MILTON'S! We are the professionals you need. All the little problems will be addressed and the result will be A BETTER LOOKING YOU! The best thing about it you do not to lift a finger to look terrific!
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Wedding Gown Alterations, Dry Cleaning and Preservation

In 25 years we are in business we helped hundreds of brides to look fantastic on their big day! Be it a small job of fixing bustle or a monumental job of re-cutting the whole dress, we are able and willing to undertake it. From laid back and very organized bride to high strung, last minute everything bride, everyone gets our undivided attention and personal care. There is NOT A SINGLE BRIDE who was not happy with the results we provided! As a nice touch in alteration service we offer a list of DO AND DON'T for the brides. We suggest what may happen and how to prevent it happen. As a final touch we offer dry cleaning and preservation of the wedding gown. We work in contact with one of the best preservation companies in the country. The final results are beautifully arranged pristine clean gowns in very nice cardboard "suitcase". We give 20 years warranty on that kind of service!
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