Our Services

Yes, off the rack is an option.... BUT.... Do you REALLY look good in off the rack suit or dress? It is slightly loose here, slightly long there, the darts are not quite right... Litany of the problem sometimes goes on and on. Here is THE RIGHT WAY to go about it: COME TO FAST NEEDLE-MILTON'S! We are the professionals you need. All the little problems will be addressed and the result will be A BETTER LOOKING YOU! The best thing about it you do not to lift a finger to look terrific!

In 25 years we are in business we helped hundreds of brides to look fantastic on their big day! Be it a small job of fixing bustle or a monumental job of re-cutting the whole dress, we are able and willing to undertake it. From laid back and very organized bride to high strung, last minute everything bride, everyone gets our undivided attention and personal care. There is NOT A SINGLE BRIDE who was not happy with the results we provided! As a nice touch in alteration service we offer a list of DO AND DON'T for the brides. We suggest what may happen and how to prevent it happen. As a final touch we offer dry cleaning and preservation of the wedding gown. We work in contact with one of the best preservation companies in the country. The final results are beautifully arranged pristine clean gowns in very nice cardboard "suitcase". We give 20 years warranty on that kind of service!

Day in, day out we are dressing ourselves in new, old, fashionable, out if fashion clothes. Then one day we see that some of our clothes are just not cool anymore.... That is the moment FAST NEEDLE comes to rescue. We can take your tired garment and make a fresh and exiting item out of it. There are a lot to be said for well fitted look! From off the rack to custom fit is an easy transition with the help of professional! We invite you to bring your new buys to customize them and make them fit perfectly FOR YOU. Everyone knows how difficult to buy for children, even more so for teenagers. Pants and sleeves are always either too long or too short; dress or jacket are too loose. There is no way you would let your precious child look like that! Come Homecoming, Prom, Winter dance or any other party, visit us at FAST NEEDLE to help your child feel adequate at the party.

If you are a "party animal" or only attend weddings of your close friends you need at least some party clothes. There is always off the rack dresses and suits BUT.... If you like to look sophisticated and chic you need to custom fit your dress, tuxedo or suit. Looking good does not need to be worrisome, time-consuming proposition. Come to FAST NEEDLE to get easy, no-worries experience.

Let us sing prizes for embroidery! From easy tasks of initials monogrammed on the cuff of the shirt to decoration on a dress or jeans to Christmas stocking to more and more and more. Did you put a stain on your favorite dress or blouse? We'll cover it with clever embroidery! Want custom jeans, we can embroider for you! Need custom gift, nothing more custom than one-of-a-kind embroidery! We have about 15000 designs in our computer library. From Animals to fancy letters; from small design to full blown picture wall hanging....All you need to give us an idea and we'll work out a unique piece of art for you!.

Do you think MONOGRAMMING is only for man's shirt cuff? Think again! We monogram towels, pillowcases, custom made book covers. Think Christmas time and we do blankets, robes, STOCKINGS! If you item can be splayed flat and set int embroidery frame, we will do it. Come and find the yourself!

Your jacket doesn't zip anymore? What a shame, it is terrific jacket and you are not ready to part with it. We have hundreds of zippers: all styles and types, color and length to help you! Please, remember to WASH YOU JACKET before you bring it to FAST NEEDLE. We sometimes do not pay attention to it, but our jackets and coats may be quite dirty... We will appreciate your kind concern!

When you decide to update decor in your hose or apartment the easiest way is to add some color with CUSTOM MADE PILLOWS. Some go as far as order A NEW COVERLET! Here where we, at FAST NEEDLE, come handy. You come to us with idea, leave with new pillow, coverlet or mantel runner. No fuss, no mess, nice looking room!

Some time ago we found a new company which makes terrific underwear for ladies. They do not have brick and mortar stores but work with authorized dealers. We jumped on this wagon and never looked back! Their product is SOFT, COMFORTABLE, BREATHABLE. Another plus is YOU DO NOT NEED TO WEAR BRA! There is a built in bra which is surprisingly comfortable and keeps shape. We suggest you come to try this miracle underwear and see for yourself. You will like it on the spot!

We are proud to work for J. Carroll University ROTC program. Every year we do uniforms for all the new cadets and at the end of the school year uniforms for graduates. It is a pleasure to see how young cadets grow into military officers! On the other hand, we do a lot of school uniforms for local children and teens. We see them glow too and that work gives us real pleasure too.